Become visible for all those who are looking for you

-You are planning a vacation, pick up the phone and type: “Malorca hotel” into the search engine. The search result shows 18,000,000 results. You choose the third in order, you see pictures, price, location…

-You are buying a new phone, again type in the search engine: “Samsung Galaxy price”, the search results are listed and you choose the most interesting ones from the first or second page…

Does this situation sound familiar to you? Practically, there is no person today who does not use the options offered by the modern internet. Information about goods, services, maps and contacts has never been more accessible. And again, even less than 1% of the search results are visible to a potential customer – client.

If you also have a website that is buried on the 17th page of Google search, it’s time to act, because right now many potential customers are searching the Internet for your items/services.

Campaigns that guarantee visibility are:

Google Search Network (GSN) is a campaign that puts your site on the first place of results in Google search. With it, we can target only a specific gender of clients, a specific location where customers/clients live, the time of day they search and much more. Smart campaigns combine numerous ad elements (text, image, link) and display them most successfully in the search, thereby increasing the possibility that the link to your site will be seen.

The Google Display Network (GDN) campaign is implemented through banners, i.e. Responsive Display Ads ads that contain images, video, text and other elements, which the algorithm then combines and displays to potential customers. It is important to note that ads of this type are not displayed spontaneously and by heart, but according to predetermined criteria, ads are displayed to people who, for example, have already visited websites of a similar type or to people who have used the same or similar type of services/products in the past. This ensures that the given budget will be optimally spent and that the advertisement will reach the people who are most likely to buy/order the product/service we are promoting.